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AngularJS is a structured, JavaScript framework which is used for dynamic one-page applications. Being a framework AngularJS uses code templates written in HTML to perform particular function or command. The data binding and dependency functionalities of AngularJS saves time invested in writing lengthy codes. All these features are packaged in a browser that makes AngularJS a suitable server technology. There is a considerable difference between the Static documents and dynamic applications. Dynamic applications typically use a library and a framework that supports creating web apps. While the library contains a number of functions used to perform certain operations, framework automatically takes the data and calls the functions when needed. However AngularJS creates new HTML constructs that eventually eliminates this mismatch effectively. It creates new syntax with the help of directives. Why to use AngularJS? Easy to work with: All you need to know to work with AngularJS is basics of HTML,CSS and Javascript,not necessary to be an expert in these technologies. Time saving: AngularJS allows us to work with components and hence we can use them again which saves time and unnecessary code. Ready to use template: AngularJS is mainly plain HTML,and it mainly makes use of the plain HTML template and passes it to the DOM and then the AngularJS compiler.It traverses the templates and then they are ready to use.

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Course Syllabus

AngularJS training syllabus designed by STG, Ghaziabad is completely based on the current industrial requirement of the companies with live project work. We Provide complete AngularJS training in Ghaziabad from beginner to advanced level.

About Instructor

Dora Caelan

React JS Developer

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Course Features

  • Lectures 40
  • Video 200
  • Duration 30 Hours
  • Language English
  • Students 500
  • Captions Yes
  • Assessments Yes
  • Skill level All level